No one needs to vacate the property. 


Repayment plans are tailored to you and your neighborhood. Monthly payments are arranged to be significantly less than median rent in your area. 


Our goal is to keep families in their home for an affordable monthly payment. Damaged credit or no credit is okay. For more information contact us at (800) 227-5957

RSF Properties is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

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What are the main benefits of using RSF Properties?

1. Easy Qualifying.
Clients will not be rejected based on credit score.

2. Immediate Access to Funds.
We close in 30 days.

3. Zero Up-Front Expense.
Clients use their home equity to pay closing costs.

4. $1,000.00 Cash Out
In addition to paying off their tax debt, clients can draw an additional $1,000 from their equity.

5. Affordable Monthly Payments.
Payments are usually 10-30% below median rent in the area.

6. Protect Equity.
Clients retain control of the property's equity above what is owed.

7. Guaranteed Financing.
If a client qualifies, RSF Properties provides in-house financing.

What does RSF Properties ask in return?

1. RSF Properties holds title as security.
This allows us to work with clients regardless of credit score. RSF Properties signs a contract with every client guaranteeing exclusive rights to the property. RSF Properties cannot sell the property to a 3rd party.

2. Clients pay a fixed amount out of the home's equity.

Our program enables clients to access their home’s equity to pay the taxes.

In return, RSF Properties asks for a share of the home's equity. The program was designed for California, where homes are commonly worth $500,000 and more. We charge a flat $15,000 in equity which is 3% of a $500,000 home.

Clients choose to use $15,000 in equity to protect the home from tax foreclosure. RSF Properties makes its income when homeowners save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars by protecting the equity in the home from a county foreclosure.

All expenses are paid through an affordable monthly payment. If a client chooses to sell the property, the proceeds of the sale pay RSF Properties the amount owed on the contract, and the profit goes to the client.

How do I qualify?

1. The property must have a current market value of $70,000 or more.
RSF Properties does business across the United States, and there must be a wide margin between what is owed and the home's value.

2. The property must be insurable.
We require clients to carry insurance on the property. The property must be in insurable condition.

3. Income is required to long-term assistance.
Clients need proof of income. 

4. Income is not necessary for short-term assistance.
Frequently clients simply need financial assistance to save the home from the tax foreclosure, and then they intend to sell it. We can assist. RSF Properties will be paid out of the proceeds of the sale when the home sells.

What is the first step?

The first step is to collect information about the property.

There is a variety of ways to resolve a delinquent tax situation depending on the property and the financial situation of the homeowner. These may include traditional loans, county programs, reverse mortgages, shared equity agreements, etc. We want clients to make the best choice for their family.

If it's determined that the client qualifies for RSF Properties, then we present terms.

How is this different than a traditional loan?

RSF properties is able to do financing where major lenders cannot.

The goal is to create an agreement that serves both parties. It protects the client's control of their home equity. But it is not a loan.

RSF Properties holds the title to the home for two years as security. The client remains living in the home, the equity is secure from the county, RSF Properties will pay the ongoing property taxes. During that time, the client will have three paths forward.

Three Paths Forward 

1. Purchase the property with guaranteed financing.

This is the most popular option. Clients that make two years of rental payments in full and on time receive guaranteed financing with RSF Properties. The terms are available for review on the Option Price Estimate. It's a fixed rate loan with zero pre-payment penalties. There are no balloon payments.

2. Purchase the home with 3rd party financing.

Clients have the right to purchase the home back at any time. This may be a loan through a traditional lender, an inheritance, a reverse mortgage, etc. There are multiple paths to long term financing.

3. Sell the home and collect the equity.

RSF Properties has a limited interest in the property. The contract is written specifically to protect the equity for the client. Clients have the right to request that the home be sold on their behalf and to collect all profit minus the option price and other expenses detailed in Section 4 of the Option to Purchase Real Estate Agreement.

How does it work?

In the short term, RSF Properties provides financial assistance to save the home from the county. This protects the homeowner’s equity.

In the long term, RSF Properties provides a clear path to guaranteed financing. We use a 2-year trial period, and during that time clients build a payment history. If the client makes all 24 payments in full and on time, RSF Properties guarantees that the client will qualify for in-house financing—no banks required.

It's common for RSF Properties to invest $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 to assist a homeowner in protecting their home. As security for the investment, RSF Properties holds the title during the 2-year trial period. Clients retain control of the equity.

How much does this cost?

The client is never charged up-front expenses. Attorney fees, escrow expenses, etc are all paid using the home’s equity.

RSF Properties uses a fixed amount of $15,000 of home equity as payment. This means that if a client needs $15,000 for taxes, they will owe $30,000 of their equity. That is $15,000 investment + $15,000 equity as payment.

Why $15,000?

The program was designed for California where the business is located. The median home price in our county is $500,000 at the time of writing. $15,000 is 3% of equity in a $500,000 home. We understand that home prices vary widely around the country, and for some this is closer to 20% of equity. We charge the same fixed amount for all clients nationwide.

We encourage all of our clients to pursue traditional loans first. They will always be cheaper.

However, there are many situations where homeowners need money immediately. In these situations, RSF Properties steps in where major lenders cannot or will not intervene. Very commonly there is no government solution. Every year thousands of people lose everything. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

There is zero up-front expense to you. The consultation is free. RSF Properties pays all potential expenses. 

How does RSF Properties make its income?

Clients pay nothing up-front. They use $15,000 in equity to save the home. 

When we make a dollar, it’s because the client saved two, three, or ten times that amount by saving the home and their equity. 

For example, a homeowner owes $10,000 in taxes on a $100,000 home. They have $90,000 in equity that they can’t access due to credit challenges. For $15,000 in equity, the homeowner saves that $90,000 from being lost to the county. The homeowner never leaves the property. They receive guaranteed financing based on a 2-year trial period. 

I don't qualify for traditional lenders. Should I call?

Yes. We specialize in helping families who are unable to get traditional financing.

Our criteria is based on your ability to pay rather than your credit score. We use a 2-year trial period, and during that time clients build a payment history. It's a fresh start. If the client makes all 24 payments in full and on time, RSF Properties finances everything in-house.

Are there any requirements?

The property must be worth $70,000 or more. The property must be in insurable condition.

I don’t have income to stay, but I don’t want to lose the property. What can I do?

RSF Properties will assist you in saving the equity even if you currently don’t have income. For clients that can’t afford a monthly payment, we protect the property from being lost to the county so that there is time to sell it. 

Do you work in my state?

Yes, we work nationwide.  

How long has RSF Properties been in business?

We’ve been in business since 2010. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau.

To read some of our success stories click here.