My family’s home was getting ready to go up for tax sale and I felt completely hopeless. For months, I spent my time running to different banks trying to obtain a loan so I could save my home. Time after time I was met with the same bad news, they would not be able to loan anything to me. My credit score was unsatisfactory.  I started looking for alternatives and that is when I found RSF Properties.  Kyle and Richard gave me an opportunity to explain my situation and offered me a solution. 

RSF Properties was able to pay all of the delinquent taxes on my home. My home was no longer in jeopardy and I did not have to move from it. As part of the agreement I completed monthly rental payments to RSF Properties for 24 months and then my home was transferred back into my name. The entire process was smooth and I would not change a thing! Thank you Richard and Kyle for looking at me as a person first and not just a number.  


Coming across RSF Properties literally changed my life. When I found them I was in a position that would’ve had me forced from my home within a months time. After speaking with Kyle I thought, “you do not know these people but you also have nothing to lose,” since losing my home was almost inevitable at this point. 

Getting through the contract process was extremely easy. Making payments to Richard was a change of pace since I hadn’t had any regular monthly payments due up until this point. Even when I hit hard times, Richard was very patient and understanding. 

That patience and understanding didn’t stop there. When I decided to move across country and that it was time to sell my home Richard assisted with small repairs to maximize my profit upon selling. I went from owing on my home, to walking away with $40k!  There is absolutely no way that I could’ve done this without the help of Richard and his team! 


We have an amazing testimony about RSF Properties. me and my wife were in the process of losing our beautiful home due to unpaid property taxes. We didn't know who to turn to in this terrifying moment of our lives but to God who lead us in the direction of RSF Properties. Richard and his son Kyle step in an assured us that they could help us with our dilemma and every thing was going to be alright. At first I thought it was a hoax or a scam because I don't know anything about them or their credibility and the same with them towards me. We were in a bad situation with a deadline hanging over our heads and time was  running out, but these guy were persistence in assuring us that no matter what, we were not going to lose our home. During the process we ran into a bump with a title company due to the fact they thought we were being scammed by RSF properties and decline to help us move forward with the process, due to the deadline approaching quickly. We kept being reassured that everything would work out fine and that our Home would not be in jeopardy of repossession. Not having met or seen us Richard and his son Kyle worked hard day and night to make sure we weren't going to be homeless here in Florida while they reside in California thousands of miles away. Believe or not RSF makes good on their promises and are trustworthy, Loyalty and committed to helping people save their Homes due to unpaid property taxes. Thanks to RSF for paying our taxes like they promised, I would recommend anyone to RSF Properties because they care about people and making a difference in the livelihood of people who were in a jam like myself. Thanks!! RSF Properties for the impact you made on me and my family. 


My husband and I got behind on our property taxes, and before we knew it, our house had an actual auction date on it.  With a streak of bad luck, bad planning, and bad credit, we had lost hope and almost accepted the fact that we would lose our beloved family home.  

My husband found RSF Properties after a desperate google search, literally the week before our house was going to be auctioned.  I agreed to call the next day, however, I was quite skeptical, as it seemed too good to be true.  

When I first spoke to Mr. Foronjy, I almost instantly felt more at ease, and for the first time in our situation, I had hope. Obviously, there was quite a time crunch and Mr. Foronjy really did go above and beyond to help and we will forever be grateful, because our home was saved. The process, although stressful, was a great one.  Every interaction was pleasant and I was extremely thankful for the kindness, as well as the professionalism that I was shown.

I highly recommend RSF Properties to anyone in a similar situation and I honestly cannot express how thankful I am.


I like to thank the RSF Properties who helped me keep my house by paying off my back Taxes and I was able to get money out of the equity I had in the house so I could pay off other debts I incurred while I was sick ,I am thankful to Richard and Kyle for all there help, it allowed me time to clean up my credit , and figure out what I was going to do next , at the end of the Two year contract , it was in my best interest to sell my house and move on with my life , once again I was able to pull some money out of the equity to help with stuff I needed to do with house and moving expenses , my house sold quickly and RSF Properties, got there money ( fee) and I received the remainder of what the house sold for . 

It was easy to work with Richard and Kyle Foronjy. I highly recommend the RSF Properties, they are fair and very helpful.


Success Stories

San Bernardino County, California

A really nice family called to ask if we could help them. Their home was coming up for auction at a tax sale. We talked about their budget and the equity in their home. We paid off the taxes, removed the home from the auction, and repaired the bathroom. All this got done with a monthly payment $200 below the average rent for the area. No one had to move, needed repairs got completed. 


San Luis Obispo County, California

A local was selling their mobile home. We bought it, fixed it, brought it to code. In a county where the median home price is $473,000, a nice couple bought the home for $5,000 down and an affordable monthly payment. 


Brevard County, Florida

This was a property about to go up for auction. The owner called, she’s a single mother. We paid the taxes, removed the property from the auction. Nobody had to move, it was important to her that her children’s lives not be disrupted. She has a 5 year rental agreement with us that guarantees her monthly payment. At the time, her monthly payment was $50-100 below median rent. Today, that same monthly payment is closer to $300 below median rent. 


Fresno County, California

The original owner called us before the auction. She was interested in selling and getting some money out. We did extensive repairs and upgrades and then listed it. The new owner is a very kind single mother. She had a good job, good work history, and she could not get traditional financing. She purchased the property, and her monthly payment is about equal to median rent in the area. Another person who the banks turned down at the time, but her credit with us is perfect. We love her. 


Lake County, California

The original owner called before the auction. She wanted to sell, and she wanted to make sure her tenants were taken care of. We purchased the property with the tenants continuing to live there. They were great, cooperative, perfect payment history. Now they’re the owners. We agreed that if they paid in full and on time for 2 years, we would sell them the property. They performed 100%. Their monthly payment is about half of median rent for their area. 


Adams County, Pennsylvania

The owners called us for assistance with property taxes. They had plenty of equity, but they couldn’t find a lender to work with them. We paid the taxes and purchased the property with an option agreement and rental agreement in place. The owners had a guaranteed buy-back price and an affordable rent $200 less than if they had moved. A few months later, the couple had found a new home in a part of town they wanted to move to. We sold the property on their behalf. The sale of the property paid RSF Properties the pre-agreed fee and all remaining profit went to the couple. Working with us bought them about a year to stabilize, find a new home, list their property for full price, and take advantage of their equity. 


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